What is the difference between an air pressure tank system and a constant pressure system?

The air tank pressure systems allows for a draw off of water before the pump starts, this is handy so you can flush the toilet once during the night and the pump won’t start up. This facility also helps cover those small annoying leaks most houses have. An air tank pressure system only switches off to high pressure, this means if your water supply runs out you need to manually turn the power supply of to the pump. Depending on your particular set up they may fluctuate on and off while you are using the water. Your water supply does not stop, you will just notice a variation of the pressure.


The constant pressure system turns on almost immediately when you start using the water and will give you a constant pressure hence the name. This style has an electronic sensor that will shut power of to the pump should you run out of water, this is called Run Dry Protection.


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