Happy Birthday – 10 years partnership with Bunnings

Bunnings Partnership

Congratulations to Bunnings for being the sole retailer of Leader Pumps in Australia for 10 years. It has been a long and successful relationship that has stood the test of time.

National Business Manager, Clive Williams said “our business relationship with Bunnings has grown over the last ten years. Ten years ago pumps were not a product that you would purchase from a hardware store. With the onset of drought conditions across most of Australia, stricter Council regulations, and the Aussie environmental conscience, the rainwater pump is now a household appliance”.

Bunnings have appreciated the 35 years of technical support and knowledge that Leader Pumps brings to the table. Leader Pumps is the only pumping product sold in Bunnings that has true technical back-up with phone support that knows pumping, system installation pitfalls and domestic household pumping problems.

Bunnings Warehouse

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