DIVERTRON (Large House)

Submersible pump used inside the rainwater tank. Has electronic controller built into the pump to allow the pump to start when you open the tap and stop when the tap is closed. The pump will automatically stop when it runs out of rainwater and will detect water when it rains again. This is the most intelligent submersible pump on the market today.

  • Built-in electronic pressure switch and flow sensor
  • Equipped with dry-run protection and built-in non returne valve
  • Easy to use
  • High reliability
  • Available with 3 or 4 impellers
  • Supplied with 1 mt power cord
  • Available with screen filter or stainless steel ring for use of suction kit
  • Supplied with power cable with plug, non return valve and 17 m

Max. flow
(l/1' - gpm)
Max. head
(m- ft)
Rated Power
(w - hp)
95- 25 36 - 118 900 - 3/4

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